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LED Headlight Conversion System


Lucas Lighting has the best LED replacement bulbs for your vehicle. Lucas LED headlights, tail lights and interior bulbs are designed with both performance and durability in mind. Whether a car, motorcycle, Side by Side, RV or Snow mobile, Lucas has the best LEDs based on your needs. Experience Better Lighting with Lucas Lighting!

  • ​High Performance & High Efficiency

  • Very Low Failure rate of .03% 

  • Automotive Industry Driven 

  • High-Quality Chipsets

  • Correct Focus Point

  • 12V Retailer Minded

  • Built to last

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L1 Series

  • Large correct focus point.

  • IP65 rated or better.

  • High-quality overbuilt chipset.

  • Superbright.

  • Fantastic white color.

  • Over 10,000-hour life-span normal use

  • 3-Year Warranty if we install them

    • 1 Year if consumer installed


     *price does not include labor

L2 logo.png
L3 logo.png

L2 Series

  • 13,000 Lumen

  • IP65 Rated or better

  • High-Quality chipset

  • 10,000-hour life span or better

  • 2X Light Output Compared to HID Xenons 

  • Plug and Play Direct replacement

  • 3X More Efficient 

  • Instant On

  • 3-Year Warranty if we install them

    • 1 Year if consumer installed


     *price does not include labor


L3 Series

  • 16,000 Lumen

  • Low watt design for fantastic efficiency

  • Upgraded CANBUS chipset

  • IP67 rated or better

  • Plug and play direct replacement

  • 3X more efficient 

  • Instant On

  • 3-Year Warranty if we install them

    • 1 Year if consumer installed


     *price does not include labor

L4 logo.png

L4 Series

  • 20,000 Lumen

  • Light-bar output from high beam position

  • Off-road use

  • Brushless Fan

  • IP 65+ rated

  • 3X more efficient

  • 10,000+ hour life span

  • Highest Output Kit

  • 3-Year Warranty if we install them

    • 1 Year if consumer installed


     *price does not include labor

H2L logo.png

H2L Series

  • 2X Light Output Compared to HID factory lights.

  • Direct plug-in replacment.

  • 1/3 energy consumption.

  • True white instant light.

  • 3X More Efficient

  • 3-Year Warranty if we install them

    • 1 Year if consumer installed


     *price does not include labor


MX Series

  • 3X Light Output Compared to Halogen

  • Direct plug-in replacment.

  • True white instant light.

  • IP 65+ rated

  • 3-Year Warranty if we install them

    • 1 Year if consumer installed


     *price does not include labor


Lucas Intelligent Decoder

  • German cars need electronic decoding

  • LEDs need constant power so this is necessary for Pulse Power supplied cars



Interior/Exterior Lights

interior card.jpg


  • T10/D-A

  • T10 w/ digital canbus.

  • Works great on exterior and interior bulb locations

  • Also replaces 194 


festoon white.png

Festoon LED Bulbs

  • Festoon LED bulbs

  • 31mm

  • 36mm

  • 39mm

  • 41mm




  • 3156 replacement LED bulb

  • Amber/White


T10 194 4.png

L-T10 194 4

  • Canbus Bulb

  • White

  • Super Bright

  • Long Lasting




  • T10

  • 194 4 LED Canbus Bulb

  • White

  • Super Bright

  • Long Lasting

  • T10 Lucas Lighting L-T10

  • 194 4 LED Canbus Bulb




  • T15 Canbus LED bulb replacement

  • Also works with 921/912



  • BA15S LED bulb

  • BAU15-W LED bulb

  • Amber/White

  • Used for turn signal, brake, parking 




  • L-1157W

  • LED bulb switchback

  • Bulb size: 1157

  • Amber/White


Lucas LEDs
Lucas Interior/Exterior


Oracle LED Light Bars
Oracle LED Light Bars
Oracle LED Light Bars
Oracle LED Light Bars
Oracle LED Light Bars
Oracle LED Light Bars
Oracle LED Light Bars

Black Series

ORACLE high powered LED Off-Road Bars are redesigned for a more aggressive look. The Off-road Black Series can withstand the toughest terrain you can put them through. Nearly indestructible rugged die-cast housing PMMA lenses and powered by high output CREE LEDs (made in the U.S.A.), these light bars allow you to explore the roads less traveled with efficiency and style.

  • "Black Series" Inner Blackout Bezel

  • 2 Year Warranty

  • 6000K Color Temp

  • 50,000 hour Lifespan

  • Low Power Draw

  • Side-Mounting Brackets

Oracle LED Light Bars

12"  60w    -     $89.95

13.5" 72w -     $119.95

22" 120w -     $169.95

32" 180w -     $249.95

42" 240w -     $299.95

50" 288w -     $399.95

52" 300w -     $749.95

LED Work Light bars

Off-Road Underbody LED Rock Light Kit

ORACLE Lighting’s Off-Road Underbody LED Rock Light Kit will fit virtually any 4x4 off-road vehicle, Jeep or truck. With heavy gauge wiring and waterproof construction, this kit is built to last in the most extreme conditions. This kit can be installed in the wheel wells in front of and behind each tire. This allows for greater visibility for the driver to safely navigate off-road obstacles including rocks, mud, water and sand. Oracle's ColorSHIFT Technology allows you to select from thousands of colors! Control the functions and colors of your kit via the Bluetooth App, free to download in your app store.

  • Input Voltage: 9-32V

  • LED: 3x 3W Cree Per Module

  • Housing: Powder-coated Aluminum

  • Emitting Angle: 150º Max

  • Waterprof Rating: IP68

  • Total Power: 36W (4 Pc Kit), 72W (8 Pc Kit)

  • Waterproof Connections

  • App works with Android or iOs (Free in App Store)

  • Warranty: 2 Year

4 Pc Bluetooth only $103.44

8 Pc Bluetooth only $189.00

4 Pc Bluetooth + RF Remote $149.44

8 Pc Bluetooth + RF Remote $249.00

*does not include install

Oracle LED Rock Lights
Rock Lights

LED Tail Light Bars


RECON’s White Lightning LED Tailgate Bar is made for nearly every make and model of truck and SUV including: Nissan, Toyota, Dodge, Chevy/GMC, Ford, and Hummer. RECON’s Line of Fire, White Lightning & Xtreme Tailgate Light Bars are street legal and have been approved for use by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration “(NHTSA”).


All RECON Tailgate Light Bars use new cutting-edge 3mm diode LED technology unlike the small dim SMD-type LEDs found on all the inferior competitive knock-off’s currently available in the market. Recon is the only tailgate light bar manufacturer that utilizes these new, brighter, longer lasting, & more durable 3mm LEDs.



tail light bar.png
tail light bar black.png
tail light bar white 2.jpg

Functions as:
Amber Scanning LED Turn Signals
Amber LED Hazard lights
White LED Reverse Light
Red LED Running Lights
Red LED Brake Lights (6x brighter than running lights)


– 49” Fits most flare-side and smaller trucks and SUVs
– 60” Fits most full-sized trucks and SUVs

· Fits nearly every pick-up truck & SUV sold in the U.S.
· Can also be “hard-wired” for permanent installation
· Mounts in the space just above your bumper yet below your tailgate or rear door
· Utilizes low power draw anti-collision high-intensity red LED’s
· Highly visible from other vehicles thus reducing chances of rear end collisions
· Functions with Running Lights, Brake Lights, Turn Signals, & Hazard Lights
· 1-piece fully sealed weather proof polymer construction
· In-line replaceable fuse installed to prevent damage in the event of a power surge
· All RECON products are SAE & DOT approved for street use

Big Rig LED Running Lights


Recon's “BIG RIG ICE” Side Mounted LED AMBER Running Lights with WHITE LED Courtesy Lights mount neatly beneath the door sill of your truck and run the length of your rocker panel below your truck’s driver-side and passenger-side doors.


RECON’s “BIG RIG ICE” Side Mounted LED Running Light Kits function as AMBER running/parking lights and then intensify six times when the turn signals are applied & when the Cargo Light/Dome Light is Activated (as when you open your door or unlock your truck) the entire bar on both sides of the truck illuminate with intense WHITE LED’s to help light up the floor beneath your truck as you enter the vehicle.


They are available in two sizes (48” length and 62” length) to fit every type of truck or SUV, so whether you drive a standard/regular cab, extended cab, or quad/crew cab, RECON has the right size AMBER & WHITE colored LED running light kit for your rig.

$209.95 - $259.95

big rig ice led black truck.png
Big Rig ICE LED.png
Recon Lighting
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