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Morel Car Audio

Morel's car audio components and full systems are renowned for their accuracy and dynamic sound reproduction.  Morel caters to every car audio need with unique technologies that overcome the acoustic limitations of the automotive environment.   Morel's speaker systems provide the excitement of "live" music even when you're behind the wheel. 

Morel Maximo Ultra

Morel invested the same passion, engineering and philosophy that earned its car audio speakers countless awards in the development of the new MAXIMO ULTRA line consisting of 2-way, the new 3-way component systems, and coaxial speakers.

Following Morel’s philosophy of high quality, musical systems, it features some of the company’s innovative technologies and new design characteristics. Engineered to be easily installed in factory locations and integrate with factory head units.

Maximo Ultra 502  

5.25" 2-way speakers


Maximo Ultra 602  

6.5" 2-way speakers


Maximo Ultra 603  

6.5" 3-way speakers


Maximo Ultra Coax 402

4" coaxial speakers


Maximo Ultra Coax 502

5.25" coaxial speakers


Maximo Ultra Coax 602

6.5" coaxial speakers


Maximo Ultra Coax 692

6x9" coaxial speakers



  • Treated Paper

  • Composite Cone

  • High grade ferrite magnets

  • Soft Dome Tweeter

  • MXR direct Crossover

Maximo Ultra 602.png
Maximo Ultra Coax.png

Morel Tempo Ultra

The Tempo Ultra features both 2-way and point source solutions for those music aficionados who demand outstanding sonic performance and power while still getting tremendous overall value.

Featuring a large voice coil (1.5-inch) treated paper composite cone, and a stronger magnet system, which provides increased power handling, with lower distortion levels and improved bass response. Morel’s renowned 1.1” (28mm) soft dome tweeter utilizes a neodymium magnet, delivering the detail and dynamics for a truly memorable musical experience. Power handling ranges from 100 to 130 watts and it is available in 5”, 6”, 5×7” and 6×9” for efficient sizing and direct fitment in many factory locations.


  • Treated Paper Composite Cone

  • 28 mm soft dome tweeter

  • MXR direct crossover

  • High grade ferrite magnets

  • 1.5” voice coil –woofer

Tempo Ultra.png

Tempo Ultra 502

5.25" component system


Tempo Ultra 602

6.5" component system


Tempo Ultra 692

6x9" component system


Virtus 2-way/ 3-way

The Virtus 2-way and 3-way components systems offer Morel's core technological virtues that make them a performance value. Every Virtus system incorporates many advanced designs that leverage over four decades of innovation and craftsmanship. Features such as the External voice coil (EVC) motor and large 2.1" diameter Hexatech™ aluminum voice coils, C.A.R. filter, MXR crossover technology and Morel's legendary 1.1" Acuflex™ soft dome tweeters bring emotion to music with a balance of rich, natural midrange, high frequency detail and vibrant bass that represents Morel's trademark acoustic signature. 

Virtus 402

4" 2-way speakers


Virtus 502

5.25" 2-way speakers


Virtus 602

6.5" 2-way speakers


Virtus 503

5.25" 3-way speakers


Virtus 603

6.5" 3-way speakers


Virtus 603.png


  • Paper Composite Cone

  • Hexatech™ Aluminum Voice Coil

  • EVC™ structure

  • 28mm Acuflex™ coated tweeter

  • Double Ferrite Magnet Motor

  • Shielded Magnet

  • MXR direct Crossover

  • C.A.R Filter™

  • Octopus Grille

  • Large 2″ voice coil


Morel Hybrid MKII

Some proclaim the Hybrid as one of the best sounding speaker systems Morel produces, and the latest generation takes it steps closer to perfection.  At the heart of the new Hybrid is an unconventional, innovative and highly effective Hybrid magnet system.  These woofers are now paired up with Morel's famed MT230 tweeters and MXR crossovers to deliver extraordinary sound that's even more pleasing to the ear than before.

The addition of the 2013 CEA Innovation award winning Hybrid Integra expands the installation options of the Hybrid series.  Morel's Integra concept minimizes phase error and allows the sound field to be constant in all directions, making it easy to achieve audiophile grade performance even when space is limited. 


Hybrid Integra

6.5" coax speakers



Hybrid MKII 62 

6.5" 2-way speakers



Hybrid MKII 63 

6.5" 3-way speakers




  • One-Piece DPC cone Hexatech™ Aluminum Voice Coil

  • EVC™ structure 28mm Acuflex™ tweeter

  • Hybrid Magnet Motor

  • Shielded Magnet

  • MXR direct Crossover

  • C.A.R Filter™

  • Uniflow™ Chassis

  • Octopus Grille

  • Extra large 2″ voice coil

Morel Elate Carbon

The Elate Carbon shares most of its high-end componentry with its Pro siblings, yet takes a slightly more sensible approach. Whether using a 5.25”, 6.5” or 9-inch system, each of the woofers feature Klipple optimized EVC motors with large 3-inch diameter voice coils and carbon fiber/Rohacell sandwich cones for ultra-low distortion and high power handling levels. 


  • One-Piece DPC cone   Hexatech™ Aluminum Voice Coil

  • EVC™ structure 28mm Acuflex™ coated tweeter

  • Double Ferrite Magnet Motor Titanium bobbin – woofer

  • Shielded Magnet C.A.R Filter™

  • Uniflow™ Chassis

  • Lotus Grille-tweeter & midrange

  • Octopus Grille- woofer

  • Extra-large 3″ voice coil

Elate Titanium 602.png

Elate Carbon 62

6.5" 2-way speakers


Elate Carbon 63

6.5" 3-way speakers



Elate Titanium 93

8.75" 3-way speakers



    *with or without Crossover

Morel Supremo

Supremo represents a tour de force of Morel’s expertise and craftsmanship, elevating car audio musical presentation to a whole new level. We challenge you to experience the Supremo. You will be drawn irresistibly to the music; feeling the same adrenaline rush as being present at a live concert, but this time in your own car.


  • One-Piece carbon cone

  • Hexatech™ Aluminum Voice Coil

  • EVC™ structure

  • 28mm Acuflex™ coated tweeter

  • Double Neodymium Magnet Motor

  • Shielded Magnet

  • MXR direct Crossover

  • C.A.R Filter™

  • Uniflow™ Chassis

  • Lotus transparent grille

  • Returning currents cancelation ring

  • Under-hung Voice Coil

  • Extra large 3″ voice coil

Supremo 602

6.5" 2-way speakers

$4,799 - $5,499

Supremo 602.png

Supremo Piccolo

1" Tweeters


Some think of it, as the best tweeter in-car audio. The supremo tweeter is designed to produce a very stable and accurate stage and image with a subtle balance of power, tonal accuracy and dynamic response.

KS 6 x 8 set.png
KS 6.5.png
KS 6x9.png

KS Speaker Series


KICKER KS-Series Speakers let you play at concert-like volume, yet maintain the smoothness and subtlety to please even the most selective ear. The high-performance woofers utilize internally dampened polypropylene cones and tough rubber surrounds for outstanding midrange detail and pounding bass! All KS-Series woofers feature an ultra-slim mounting depth to easily fit in most factory speaker locations.

Component Sets


KSS50 - 5.25" Component Set             $249.99

4Ω - 15-100w recommended power

KSS650 - 6.5" Component Set             $249.99

4Ω - 15-125w recommended power

KSS670 - 6.75" Component Set           $249.99

4Ω - 15-125w recommended power

KSS680 - 6 x 8 Component Set            $249.99

4Ω - 15-100w recommended power

KSS690 - 6 x 9" Component Set          $249.99

4Ω - 15-150w recommended power

KSS269 - 6 x 9" & 2 3/4" Set                  $269.99

4Ω - 15-100w recommended power

KS header.png
KS 3.5_ coax.png
KS 6x9 3way.png

Coaxial Speakers


KSC270 - 2.75" 2-way Coaxial Speakers                $59.99

4Ω - 15-50w recommended power

KSC350 - 3.5" 2-way Coaxial Speakers                  $79.99

4Ω - 15-50w recommended power

KSC40 - 4" 2-way Coaxial Speakers                        $99.99

4Ω - 15-75w recommended power

KSC460 - 4 x 6" 2-way Coaxial Speakers              $99.99

4Ω - 15-75w recommended power

KSC4100 - 4 x 10" 2-way Coaxial Speakers         $129.99

4Ω - 15-75w recommended power

KSC50 - 5.25" 2-way Coaxial Speakers                 $129.99

4Ω - 15-75w recommended power

KSC650 - 6.5" 2-way Coaxial Speakers                $129.99

4Ω - 15-100w recommended power

KSC670 - 6.75" 2-way Coaxial Speakers              $129.99

4Ω - 15-100w recommended power

KSC680 - 6 x 8" 2-way Coaxial Speakers             $129.99

4Ω - 15-75w recommended power

KSC690 - 6 x 9" 2-way Coaxial Speakers             $149.99

4Ω - 15-150w recommended power

KSC6930 - 6 x 9" 3-way Coaxial Speakers           $179.99

4Ω - 15-150w recommended power

QS Speaker Series


QS Component and Point Source speakers are more than just the best sounding drivers we’ve ever made. They’re a technical marvel. Using our signature Tri-Tech™ cone on the separates and Kevlar-impregnated Polypropylene on the coaxials, Tetoron® dome tweeters and metallized polypropylene capacitors, QS speakers deliver the sparkling highs and hyper-accurate midrange you need to feel like you’re front row center!

Component Sets

QSS654 - 6.5" Component Set               $499.95

4Ω - 90-180w recommended power

QSS674 - 6.75" Component Set             $499.95

4Ω - 100-200w recommended power

Coaxial Speakers


QSC674 - 6.75" 2-way Coaxial Speakers              $379.95

4Ω - 100w-200w recommended power

QSC694 - 6 x 9" 2-way Coaxial Speakers             $379.95

4Ω - 100-200w recommended power

QS 6.5 comp set.png
QS 6.5 woofer.png
QS 6x9 coax.png
Hybrid Audio


Mirus V boasts carbon-fiber cones and titanium diaphragm 20mm tweeters that swivel, along with other features you’ve come to expect in a Hybrid Audio design: reverse-roll high-loss surrounds, powder-coated frames, and integrated low-tolerance polypropylene crossover capacitors for the tweeters


Mirus 4" Coaxial Set                     $99.99

Mirus 5.25" Coaxial Set               $149.99

Mirus 5x7" Coaxial Set                 $199.99

Mirus 6.5" Convertible Set         $249.99

Mirus 6x9" Convertible Set        $249.99

Mirus 5x7.png


The Unity series offers incomparable performance in its price range, boasting exceptional power handling and midbass authority, with an accurate tonal character and spectral balance any music lover will appreciate

Unity 2.7" Full Range Set                $179.99

Unity 3.7" Mid Range Set                $199.99

Unity 6.5" Convertible Set              $349.99

Unity 6x9" Shallow Midbass Set  $399.99

Unity 6x9" 3-way Set                        $899.99



The Legatia SE midrange/full-range drivers offer key enhancements to the Legatia range, they include: wider bandwidth, lower inductance, lower moving mass for transient response, high-energy opposing double-stacked neodymium cup and motor for increased motor performance and smaller diameter motor; and inclusion of an aluminum radiator for heat dissipation and increased thermal power handling.

Legatia midbass drivers provide the substance required to intensify the fundamental notes of the rhythm section, while fully capable to reproduce critical midrange frequencies.

Legatia 2.7.png
Diamond Audio

DMD Speaker Series


Diamond DMD series speakers deliver the best sound and value in the industry! The starting point of Diamond Audio’s speaker line, the DMD series are engineered to the highest specifications while still having attainable pricing that you have come to expect for a good quality speaker system. Performance improvements for the new DMD series speakers have been achieved by trickle down technology from higher series Diamond products benefiting the DMD series speakers such as shared crossover components for improved sound quality and silk dome tweeters providing warm and natural tones.


DMD 6.5" Coaxial Speaker



DMD 6.5" 2-Way Components



DMD 6" x 9" 2-Way Convertible Speaker



DMD 6" x 9" 3-Way Speaker

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