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Good music is all about movement: rock-n-roll, hip-hop, dubstep, speed metal... you get the idea. That's why every Phoenix Gold subwoofer is specially designed to move more air, play louder and hit harder than virtually any equivalent sub on the market.

SX Series Subwoofers

Phoenix Gold
SX1 8s4

8" Subwoofer (Single 4 Ohms)

Power Handling........ 200w RMS

Impedance............... Single 4 Ohms

Frequency Response... 35 to 300Hz

Phoenix Gold
SX1 12d4

12" Subwoofer (Dual 4 Ohms)

Phoenix Gold
SX1 10d4

10" Subwoofer (Dual 4 Ohms)



Power Handling........ 400w RMS

Impedance............... Dual 4 Ohms

Frequency Response... 20 to 300Hz


Phoenix Gold
SX1 12d2

12" Subwoofer (Dual 2 Ohms)


Phoenix Gold
SX1 10d2

10" Subwoofer (Dual 2 Ohms)



Power Handling........ 400w RMS

Impedance.............. Dual 2 Ohms

Frequency Response... 20 to 300Hz


Ti3X Series Subwoofers

Phoenix Gold

12" Subwoofer (Dual 2 Ohms)

Power Handling............1200w RMS

Impedance....................Dual 2 Ohms

Frequency Response.....20 to 300Hz


Phoenix Gold

12" Subwoofer (Dual 4 Ohms)

Power Handling............1200w RMS

Impedance....................Dual 4 Ohms

Frequency Response....20 to 300Hz



The Ti3X series subwoofers are the best Phoenix Gold subwoofers we’ve ever created. They’re engineered with extreme precision for increased power handling and reliability. The end result is a smooth, effortless output even during massive excursion and extreme power. 

  • 60mm of Peak to Peak Excursion

  • 1200W RMS Power Handling

  • 3.0" Ultra High Temp Copper Wound Voice Coil

  • Removable Blue tri-LEDs for Customization or Field Service

  • Radial Backplate Venting System

  • Easy Connect Single Location Speaker Terminal

  • Long Throw Dual Spider Suspension

  • High Excursion CAE/CAD Motor Design

  • Woven Tinsel Leads

  • Black Anodized Aluminum Former

  • Injection Polypropylene Dustcap

  • High Roll Butyl Rubber Double Stitched Surround

  • Optimized for Sealed or Vented Enclosures

  • Rigid Powder Coated Anti-Resonant Cast basket

  • Quick Disconnect Series/Parallel Wires Included

  • Spare LED Assembly Included

  • Designed for Sealed or Ported Enclosures


VIV Series Subwoofers

The most advanced, powerful and refined subwoofer ever created. SIXFIVE Series subwoofers are capable of handling an absurd 2200w RMS with an exceptionally flat frequency response making it an impressive SPL as well as an SQ subwoofer. Get the best of both worlds, high power and amazing sound quality.

VIV 1422   14" 2Ω DVC    2200/4400(w)     


  • Massive 7.5” voice coil

  • 7.5” shorting ring for reduced distortion

  • Dual layer VC for reduced inductance and linear frequency response

  • Folded surround for increased excursion without sacrificing effective surface area

  • DVVC Direct Vent Voice Coil Cooling

  • Stitched surround


MOJO Mini Subwoofers

Just because you don't have a lot of space doesn't mean you can't have a lot of bass. Harness the power of MOJO subwoofers in a new compact package! The look, feel, and power of MOJO subwoofers is now available in 8" and 6.5" versions.

MJM822   8"     2Ω DVC     900/1800(w)      $269.95
MJM622   6.5"  2Ω DVC     700/1400(w)      $199.95
  • Vented cast aluminum basket

  • Fiberglass reinforced cone

  • Stitched foam surround

  • Heat dissipating aluminum heat sink

  • 4-layer copper 2" voice coil

  • DVVC (Direct Vent Voice Coil) Cooling

Power Reference Series Subwoofers

Power Reference subwoofers are the workhorse of the Memphis line. Audio enthusiasts respect Power Reference subwoofers for their reliability and performance and versatility. The new shallow line brings the same reliability and power as their full sized counterparts.

  • High temperature TIL voice coil former

  • Double stitched butyl rubber surround

  • Black on black polypropylene dust cap

  • Woven tinsel leads

  • Improved suspension and coil design

  • Reinforced spider shoulder

PRX1544      15" 4Ω DVC     350/700(w)    $229.95
PRX1244      12" 4Ω DVC     300/600(w)   $139.95
PRXS1244   12" 4Ω DVC     350/700(w)    $249.95
PRXS1044   10" 4Ω DVC    350/700(w)    $199.95

Street Reference Series Subwoofers

Street Reference subwooferse are the perfect blend of value and performance.  You dont have a sacrifice quality to stay within a budget.  Upgrade your system without breaking the bank with Street Reference.

  • 12 AWG compression terminals

  • Anodized aluminum voice coil former

  • Optimized for both sealed and vented enclosures

  • Lightweight but rigid cone design for improved efficiency

  • Polypropylene cone for improved durability

  • Progressive poly cotton spider for controlled motion resulting in lower distortion

  • Rubber surround for improved durability

SRX1240       12" 4Ω SVC     250/500(w)     $119.95
SRX1040       10" 4Ω SVC    200/400(w)     $99.95
SRXS1240    12" 4Ω SVC     250/500(w)     $139.95
SRXS1040    10" 4Ω SVC    250/500(w)     $159.95