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Sound Deadening
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Making sure your listening environment is free of noise and vibration will allow your Morel speakers to perform to a much higher level. With this in mind, Morel developed ACUDAMP – a premium line of acoustic materials engineered to significantly reduce interior resonances and isolate and dampen noise to improve the acoustic properties of your vehicle. Applying ACUDAMP materials in key areas will significantly enhance bass performance and reduce distortion to ensure optimized performance of any sound system.

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The MAT 345.5 is a premium quad-layer sheet composed of a special blend of materials, designed to dramatically improve any car audio system performance by minimizing road noise, reduce unwanted vibrations, improve the damping factor of the car’s cabin and offer heat insulation all in one single product.

The large sheet (size) can be cut to size for any application. It easily conforms and bonds to sheet metal and other hard substrates and surfaces. The premium adhesion material offers long-lasting functionality even at extreme temperatures.
MAT-345.5 is the ultimate acoustic treatment in a single solution.

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SoundSkins realized the need for durable and affordable sound deadening products. The products on the market were too thin, too expensive, and had no effectiveness. SoundSkins built the ORIGINAL 3 LAYER product and one of a kind pre-cut kits. You'd have to buy 2 products to get the same effect as SoundSkins.

SoundSkins Rings V3

6 strips, 4 foam wave backing pads

Enough to cover 4 speakers of any size



SoundSkins Pro Door Kit

This SoundSkins Pro soundproof door kit covers 11 sq ft which is enough to cover two doors in a standard sedan style vehicle.



SoundSkins Classic Bulk Kit

This large single sheet is 38.75 sq ft, making it one of the largest bulk kits available on the market!


speaker ring v3.png

SoundSkins Foam Speaker Rings seal your car speakers against the mounting plates and the interior door panels. This directs sound into the cabin and reduces sound lost in all door cavities.





The SoundSkins Pro soundproof door kit is the best sound dampening material for your vehicle, engineered to enhance your car stereo system and reduce unwanted road noise.





The SoundSkins Classic Bulk Kit is similar to your traditional old school sound deadening materials BUT better!

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classic bulk kit.png
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