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Backup Sensors

Back-Up Sensors
Audiovox back up sensors

Audiovox PSB100

Basic Rear Back-Up Sensor System

Basic four sensors detect obstacles over 4.5 feet away from bumper, rear mounted application only.

Includes 0, 4, 8 and 16 degree angle sensor sleeves.
Sensors can be flush installed without the sleeves for a more OEM look in plastic bumpers.  Adjustable buzzer volume and single color red LED warning module helps with object range notification, 1 yr warranty. 
starting at $199.99 
Audiovox back up sensors

Audiovox PSD100

Deluxe Digital Front or Rear Back-Up Sensor System

Two sensors detect obstacles over 6ft from bumper, Upgradable to 4 sensors using PSD200, Waterproof connections, Learning capability to ignore vehicle mounted objects, Adjustable sensitivity and range, Paintable sensor can be mounted with or without sleeves, Warning mute feature.

starting at $299.99



2 Paintable add on sensors



Vehicle color matched painted sensors

additional $100.00 (4 sensors)

(pearled paint extra charge)


back up sensor
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