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12 Channel Amp with 16 Channel DSP

Musway is particularly known for building elegant and well-thought-out DSP amplifiers that can be controlled via a smartphone app and beautiful designs.

The M12 joins this tradition with an impressive number of 12 Class-D channels and an integrated 16-channel DSP. It appeals to those hi-fi fans who want to be able to individually tune their complex loudspeaker system in the vehicle for the best possible playback and at the same time be able to control it easily without complex cabling or the installation of several devices.

  • @4/2 Ohms 85/120 Watts RMS per channel

  • @4 Ohms bridged 240 Watts per channel-pair

  • Input: 12 x High level, 2 x Aux/RCA, 1 x Optical

  • Output: 12 x High level, 4 x Line Level

  • Intelligent Hi-Level Input: EPS (Error Protection System)

  • Start-Stop Ready, Auto Turn-on

  • Burr-Brown converters (PCM3168A), Dual 32bit, 330 MIPS high-end DSP from Analog Devices DSP (AUDAU1466) controllable via PC software or APP

  • Seperately controllable input sensitivity (High/Line level CH1-6, High Level CH7-12, AUX) Clipping LEDs


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Alpine DSP
PXE-0850s top.png
PXE-0850s back.png

Digital Signal Processor

As factory systems continue to advance, digital sound processors are becoming crucial for factory system integration and ideal sound system building. The PXE-0850X has 6 low and/or high-level inputs that can be mixed to create a full range signal that sends up to 12 independent channels for versatility in OEM and aftermarket system building. Eight of the 12 channels can utilize 25W of powered output to allow even more flexibility.

PXE-0850X - 12 Channel DSP

This processor overcomes the inherent acoustical anomalies within vehicles to develop a well-balanced response and proper sound stage even from a factory head unit. Customize your system with the 31-band EQ and make precise adjustments to the detailed high/low crossovers and expansive time correction for each of the 12 channels. Easily control the PXE-0805X wirelessly via a smartphone connection or a wired connection to your PC - - either way, you get fast, real-time results. The versatile PXE-0508X can be used with a factory system, or aftermarket head unit. 

PXE-0850X - $699.95

PXE-0850X Features:

  • 6 Low and/or High-level inputs 

  • 12 RCA outputs  

  • Matrix Mixing 

  • 25W RMS x 8 (4Ω, <1% THD+N, 14.4V) (mirrors the first 8 RCA outputs) 

  • Frequency range: 20Hz ~ 20KHz, 1Hz steps 

  • Q: 0.404 ~ 28.85, 0.01 steps 

  • Gain: -12.0dB ~ +12.0 dB, 0.1 dB steps 

  • Filter crossover points: 20Hz – 20KHz. 1Hz steps 

  • Slopes: 12dB, 18dB, 24dB, 30dB, 36dB, 42dB, 48dB 

  • 31 Band Parametric or Graphic Output EQ 

  • High pass, low pass, and bandpass, independent filters per channel 

  • Time correction: Up to 20ms delay per channel 

  • Delay units: 0.000 to 20 milliseconds, 0.00 to 692 centimeters, 0.00 to 273 inches 

  • 0 deg. or 180 deg. phase adjustment per channel 

  • Specialized type filtering: Butterworth, Linkwitz-Riley, Bessel 

  • TI 32-bit DSP with 300MHz floating point processing 

  • TI 24-bit premium audio ADC/DAC

PXE-X09 top.png

Digital Signal Processor

For the discerning audio enthusiast who’s looking for a better music experience in their vehicle, the PXE-X09 Hi-Resolution Digital Sound Processor allows you to integrate aftermarket amplifiers and speakers into your vehicle without replacing the factory head unit. The on-board tuning tools give you the power to design a custom listening experience so you can get lost in your music.

PXE-X09 - 16 Channel DSP

The PXE-X09 comes with 16 channels of input and output for various sound system setups. An on-board Real Time Analyzer and a 10-band parametric input equalizer allows you to flatten the factory EQ curve or use as a global EQ. The internal signal generator quickly sends the appropriate tuning sounds to test and tune your system with the option of using pink or white noise or sinusoid

PXE-X09 - $1399.95

PXE-X09 Features:

  • High-Res Audio Compliant

  • Configuration Wizard

  • Built-in Real-Time Analyzer

  • Built-in Signal Generator (Pink Noise, White Noise, Sinusoid)

  • Bluetooth audio streaming with included external module

  • Wireless sound tuning via smartphone, or PC

  • Dash mounted remote controller included

alpine white logo clear.png

Digital Signal Processor


To meet any kind of needs, Mosconi offers the PRO range. 


The DSP 8to12 PRO uses high quality components. The native sample rate is 96khz @ 24 bit, but only one digital input is available in which you can choose whether Coaxial or Optical or for the Bluetooth Streaming MOS-BTS module.

Also equipped with the function ATOM/Auto-fade Trigger option mode to automatically and easily choose the different sources of music or infotainment.

DSP 8to12 PRO - $1,499


  • 8 channel input

  • 12 channel output

  • Digital input and output (Toslink)

  • Coax input (RCA)

  • Highest resolution, e.g. time delay in 0,02 msec/step

  • All settings in real-time

  • USB and optional BT adapter (MOS-BTM), for adjusting by PC, Android and BlackBerry (*) smart phone apps

  • Low-Level or High-Level input with auto-sense (only by High-Level)

  • Aux input with auto-sense for stereo signal

  • Hands-free and mobile navigation

  • 4 presets

  • Mixer matrix to realize all possible mixtures and couple input and output channels as desired

  • Intuitive User Interface and video tutorials to avoid an instruction book.

  • Operating also without mouse, only with keys for an easy adjusting in the car

  • DSP Technology made by cooperation MOSCONI-GLADEN

  • Designed and made by MOSCONI, Italy

Mosconi DSP
Nakamichi logo clear.png

NDS6831A - DSP+Amplifier

Digital Signal Processor


Nakamichi digital signal processors allow you to really tune the soundstage within your vehicle. 


From time alignment, crossover slopes and gain control, each step brings you close to audio nirvana.


  • Built-in digital amplifier, RMS 4x50W+2x120W

  • Support bridge, bridged amplifier 1x300W (5,6 Channel)

  • Support PC software operation

  • Support certain Android and iPhone operation

  • 6 channel low-level RCA input

  • 6 channel high-level input

  • 2 channel RCA output

  • Support Bluetooth connection (Optional)

  • Support remote control (Optional)

  • Small size and easily install

  • Available in more than 300 models of OEM cable (Optional)

  • Support 15 presets


NDST500A - DSP+Amplifier

        Nakamichi JAPAN is introducing its latest Digital Signal Processor to their NDST lineup with the NDST500A Hi-Res DSP with built-in amplifier. The NDST500A has been designed with 12 channels to allow for a wide variety of aftermarket sound integrations as well as time correction and equalizer tools to fine tune the acoustics within the vehicle.
        The NDST500A is designed from the ground up to be Hi-Res capable, while carrying on features from the NDS series of DSPs which include ease of installation with OEM or factory systems with a selection of customized OE fit cables, Nakamichi head unit, or any other compatible brands of aftermarket head units.
       The NDST500A also comes with a built-in amplifier providing 10 channels of output power (RMS 2CHx80W, 4CHx40W, 4CHx25W @4Ω) for installations without requiring an external amplifier, just add on a Nakamichi active subwoofer and you are good to go.
       The included Nakamichi remote control with large control knob can be installed cleanly on the vehicle’s dashboard for easy volume and bass adjustments and source selection. Music can also be streamed using the NDST500A’s Bluetooth connection, bypassing the head unit altogether.

PAC Ampro
  • Compatible with select amplified systems such as Alpine, Beats, Bose, Harman Kardon, Infinity, Sony, etc.

  • Variable volume, fade, balance, bass, mid, and treble audio settings

  • Control knob included to manage your bass level

  • Enables adjustable chime volume

  • Simplified plug-n-play harness and module to save installation time


The Factory Sound System Upgrade Solution

Today's modern vehicle audio systems are becoming increasingly more sophisticated and complex. PAC engineered AmpPRO to drastically simplify the installation of upgraded amplifiers in data-bus controlled amplified sound systems. 

AmpPRO allows you to keep the original radio's fit, finish and features while giving you the freedom to improve the audio performance in record time!


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